Wörlitz and Dessau

Park of Wörlitz
UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000

Wörlitz is not just of local importance,
neither just a German attraction, it is a European, even a world issue!
(Wihelm van Kempen, art historian, 1925)

Laid out from 1764 to shortly after 1800, the Wörlitz park is not only one the largest, but also one of the earliest and most important landscape parcs of continental Europe, located in the direct vicinity of the charming and over 1000 years old town of Wörlitz.

This "Garden Principality" was the brainchild of Prince Leopold III Friedrich Franz of Anhalt-Dessau (1740-1817) who sought to bring the spirit of the "European Enlightenment" to his home after having aquired architectual and philosophical ideas on trips through Holland, England and Italy.

On 277 acres nature and culture are brought into perfect harmony were visitors were meant to be educated, stimulated and relaxed at all times. Come and experience with us this place of "infinate beauty" (as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote in a letter about the pure splendour he found at the Gardens of Wörlitz).

Discover various canals, bridges, palaces as well as temples and sculptures on a guided stroll through parts of the park.
In addition to this we will either guide you through the summer residence of the prince, "The Castle", which is the earliest architectual example of neo classicism on German ground featuring a valuable collection of paintings, furniture, sculptures and wedgewood earthern ware from the period or enjoy the nature and beauty of the park on one of the popular "Gondola Rides" that pass by the most hidden and precious areas of this garden realm and make you discover several visual lines giving the landscape the appearance of one endless park.

If you wish to combine your Wörlitz visit with a trip to Dessau on a half-day, your own bus would be required.