"Come to Wittenberg, a town with perfect climate
and free of epidemics" (16th century advertising)
"If you want to study - go to Wittenberg.
If you want to have fun - go elsewhere."

There have always been plenty of reasons to travel to Wittenberg, to the lovely,
highly laudible town on the Elbe river. Join us on a walk through the historic center of this
in WW2 unharmed city which has been on the UNESCO list of world heritage since 1996.

Come and see the houses of Luther and Melanchthon , the Town Church of St. Mary's as well as the historic market square with its city hall and the homes of Lucas Cranach. Of course we will also take you to " the Germans` third favorite place" (Federal Television election in 2006) the Castle Church with its famous "theses door", where the reformation started in October 1517.

Classical guided tour  
The historic district of Wittenberg extends over a length of ca. 1,6 km (about 1 mile) between Castle Church and Luther House. On this mile you will find all important sights which can be visited. We are licensed town guides, authorized to guide you also inside all the churches and museums. Your tour can be composed individually concerning the time, duration or certain emphasis appropriate to your interests. A typical walking tour takes 2 hours and includes a visit to one of the churches and the Luther House. Breaks for lunch, prayers or coffee can be arranged such as an excursion to the "Hundertwasser school".