Have a walk with Katharina Luther und Barbara Cranach
the honorable wives of the most famous Wittenberg inhabitants of the 16th Century,
Martin Luther and Lucas Cranach, will take you for a comfortable stroll through their town giving you lots of information which you would never find in any guidebook.
You will definitely get an idea of the private life of both families. Don't miss the shine in Barbara's eyes while explaining what her new fur coat looks like and listen to Katharina's heart beat when she tells about her first love after being brought up in a nunnery.

On the way with Agnes and Anna, two maidens in noble housholds
Do you want to know more about the every day life of Wittenberg in the 16th Century?
Just listen to these two gossipy women what REALLY happend behind solid walls in the homes of the well-to-do.
Find out for yourself whether Martin Luther`s first impression of this town "I feel close to the border of civilisation� is still true today!